MICA Admissions Essay

Choose one of the topics listed on the application form, write an essay, and attach it to your application.

ESSAY- Choose one of the following topics and writing a brief essay:

1. If you could create an exhibition at any museum in the U.S. or abroad, which artist (or group of artists) and which museum would you select and why?

2. Choose an artist or art movement that interests you. Describe how that artist or art movement relates to your work.

3. Write an autobiographical essay that tells us something about yourself that you feel is significant to your application and our perception of you.

4. If you could spend an afternoon with an artist, either an artist from the past or one from the present, tell us who the artist would be and why you would choose that artist. Describe your experience — what you did, what you discussed, where you went, or what you learned.

seamoonsmASHCAN STUDIO STUDENT WORK for MICA Illustration Admissions by Simoon 

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