RUTGERS Mason Gross School of the Arts BFA Admissions Requirements

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 2.42.29 PMChecklist:

  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Eassay
  • Interview
  • Audition
  • Portfolio

How to Apply

All applicants to Mason Gross School of the Arts must submit a formal application and fee through Rutgers University.

**It is highly recommended that all UNDERGRADUATE students applying to Mason Gross School of the Arts also apply to the School of Arts and Sciences (S.A.S.) to increase their chances of receiving academic scholarships (which are awarded on a first come first serve basis) and also will give them the option of admission to the B.A. programs through S.A.S. in their chosen major if they are not admitted to the B.F.A. or B.M through Mason Gross.

For more information about academic scholarships please click here .


Application Instructions/Requirements

For more specific application instructions and requirements please chose one of the following links below:



The essay is required of first-year applicants. To be considered, essays must be included in the space provided on the application. They cannot be sent separately.

Rutgers is a vibrant community of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. How would you benefit from and contribute to such an environment? Consider variables such as your talents, travels, leadership activities, volunteer services, and cultural experiences. Max 3800 words

Essay is not required for transfer applicants.

Talent Assessments – Auditions, Interviews and Portfolios

In addition to submitting your application, a portfolio, or interview demonstrating your artistic talent is required for all applicants to Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Applicants to the BA programs in Visual Arts through the School of Arts and Sciences must also audition/submit a portfolio.

More information on auditions and portfolio reviews can be found here Portfolio Reviews

Admissions decisions are made once your have submitted a complete application to the University and completed your talent assessment.

  • Visual Arts students should submit their portfolio online. CDs, DVDs or hard copy portfolios will not be accepted.  Portfolio reviews are a closed process.  We do not conduct interviews. For more information on portfolio submissions click here: Visual Arts Portfolio Requirements.

ONLINE PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION – will become live for 2014 applicants after September 1, 2013.

A $35 non-refundable audition fee (in addition to the university’s standard $65 application fee) is required along with the slideroom portfolio submission, payable online via credit card.

The Mason Gross visual arts department requires all applicants to submit digital portfolios online via SLIDE ROOM. Hard copies of work or portfolios on CDs will not be accepts.

Be sure to submit your portfolio to the correct category:

  • CATEGORY: 2014 Visual Arts Undergraduate Applicants – New undergraduate students, never attended Rutgers before, First year and Transfers.
  • CATEGORY: 2014 Current/Former Rutgers Students – Currently attending Rutgers or attended Rutgers and took a leave of absence.  Includes: School to School transfers, students declaring a B.A. in Visual Arts from SAS and students returning from a leave of absence. This category also includes the option for ADMITTED transfer students to submit their prerequisite waiver portfolios.

Please be sure your pieces are clearly labeled in the fields provided with:

  • Title
  • Size
  • Meduim
  • Media (for Photography and Video)
  • Date


Please submit at least 15 examples of your artwork (produced within the last two years) that reflect your accomplishments and emphasize your strengths. Your portfolio should tell us that you will be successful in our classes including those that introduce to you new materials and ideas.

Please include at least one page from a sketchbook and if possible include a variety of media such as painting, observational drawing, photography, print, sculpture. If possible include self-initiated work as well as classroom assignments. If your primary interest is video include at least one video in addition to your other work. If your primary interest is photography you must include other media in addition to the photographs in your portfolio.

Things to consider:

  • Be selective and show only your best work
  • Show some personal work
  • Show a variety of media, color as well as monochrome
  • Avoid cartoon action figures, monsters, graffiti art, cute pets, portraits drawn from photographs, and images of vacations, in particular sunsets and flowers.

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