Talking with Ashcan student Jihea Kim

By Verena Ries 

Jihea Kim is a  talented 22 years-old student presently enrolled in Ashcan Studio and SVA’s 1 + 3 program (info below). Jihea has been working on her portfolio at Ashcan Art Studio for four months now. Currently she is finishing her last paintings and will  apply for Graphic Design at SVA – School of Visual Arts. When I talked to her she was full of passion for the art she is making at Ashcan Studio, and she showed me some of her paintings.

Jihea also told me about her experience at Ashcan. When she came to the art studio four months ago she did not have much experience as an artist. This changed when she began working with the instructors at Ashcan, especially with instructor Seung Ran Woo. She told me that Ahscan’s Instructors  always support her ideas for her portfolio and also help her figure out new ideas.


     Self – Portrait with candies 

portfolio work for SVA admissions

Jihea’s self – portrait is covered with different color candies she painted, and the candy hat she covered with real sour candies. With these two works she wants to express her love of sweets.

Foto 4(1)line-drawing about Ashcan Studio of Art 

portfolio work for SVA admissions

She also showed me another interesting drawing of her studio space at Ashcan. Jihea made a line drawing of her space with all of the different paintings and patterns that hang on the walls around her. In the middle of the space is a fellow student sitting with flowers in her hat. This expresses the creativity and diversity of the students and artwork at Ashcan. For her portfolio she has also made a lot of 3Dimensional art and a short animated film.

When I asked Jihea what she thinks about the time she has spent at Ashcan, she told me that she feels well prepared for her college application, and to begin her studies in fall. She likes going to Ashcan, where she spends time with her new friends and instructors in a friendly and creative atmosphere. Overall, she said that she is grateful for the time she could spend at this art studio.


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