Ashcan students finishing up portfolios

Many of our students are now finishing their portfolios to apply to art school- each day getting up early to be at the studio as soon as it opens.  With help from our instructors they’ll be able to submit a portfolio that will stand out to admissions counselors.

The Directors at Ashcan know the requirements for applying to the different university & college art programs & make sure that the whole application process is done correctly and on time. Now, most of the online applications are in, and all that’s left is to finish up the last artworks.

Talented JMF/Ashcan scholarship winner Yemi (below) is applying to Industrial Design programs at RISD, Parsons, Pratt and CCA. Right now he is preparing the home test drawing for Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He’s highly motivated and comes to the studio every day to work with his instructors.

Foto 1(1)

Besides going to Ashcan on weekdays he also takes the art education classes at the Joan Mitchell foundation on the weekends. With such ambition and talent- we’re sure that Yemi will get in to all of the schools he’s applied to.

Foto 2(2)

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