Art Portfolio examples by Jamie

Jamie began at Ashcan Studio when she was a high school student at Laguardia High School. She was a student at Ashcan for over 2 years, taking our pre college portfolio program on Saturdays, and then three to five times a week during the summer and school breaks. Her outstanding portfolio gained her admissions in to Yale’s BFA Fine Arts Program, the RISD + Brown  Program, two of the most prestigious Fine Art BFA programs in the country, and many other top schools as well with scholarships. She is now a senior at Yale University.

The best thing about Jamie’s portfolio, and why we think she was so successful, is because her portfolio work showed evidence of confidence with the subject matter and materials that she used.  
Her confidence grew as she grew as an artist She started early preparing for college admissions and it paid off.


portfolio example by Jamie, at Ashcan Studio 


portfolio example by Jamie, at Ashcan Studio 

Sunwoo_J_1_Painting_Kept to Self

portfolio example by Jamie, at Ashcan Studio 

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