SAFE ROOM student exhibition at CUE Art Foundation


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Hayley Palmatier



Featuring Ashcan Studio Student Work

NEW YORK, NY (August 14, 2014) The CUE Art Foundation, located 137 West 25th Street will host the show “ SAFE ROOM”, featuring the work of Ashcan Studio of Art’s Summer Program students. The Opening Reception is on August 14, 2014, 5:00- 8:00 p.m

Featured Ashcan students will present work in many different mediums for an exhibition about disasters–either natural or human-made–and how we can overcome them. In their artwork, students answered one of three questions: How do we memorialize a disaster? How do we protect ourselves from a disaster? How do we build a better future after a disaster? Each work addresses a specific disaster or threat.

One student, Lauren Park, addressed a man-made disaster: shootings in America, and the toll it takes on our country. Lauren says, “All over the U.S. shootings have been increasing and each time they happen, it affects the whole country.” In order to portray that, she made a translucent map of the US, and pinpointed some of the most tragic shootings and drew on the location the tragedies took place. To show that the shootings affected not just the state it occurred in but also the country itself, she cut out lines that connect all the states.



Ashcan Studio and Joan Mitchell Foundation student Monica Estrada focused on famine. Monica designed and built a model of a greenhouse to be used in the areas of the world most affected by the hunger crisis. Monica says ‘Affordable greenhouses are a great solution for small scale subsistence farmers and educational institutions, where the climate is not conducive to growing fruit and vegetables ’ Monica used wood, clay, paint, soil and other materials to construct the greenhouse she designed.

Minwoo Kim addressed the extinction of species such as M.longimanus, Frankensteins, and Trilobite, dinosaurs whose extinction was caused by natural distasters. Minwoo explained “I was interested in the transition from natural disasters causing the extinction of a species, to human’s over consumption of natural resources, and our inability to take care of the planet, increasing the rate of extinction.” He used wood, a wood burner tool, and a carving tool to expresses his curiosity about the role archeologists play in finding out about extinct spices.


The “Saferoom” show opens August 12,, 2014 and runs through August 17,, 2014. The gallery hours are from Tuesday–Friday 10am – 5pm, and Saturday 11am–5pm. The show will be juried by Brenda Hung SVA’s Manager of Transfer Admissions, José Ortiz, Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Student Opportunities and Support Coordinator, Lisa Feder-Feitel from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and Ali Gheith, the Director of the Emergency and Disaster Management at MCNY.


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