Cooper Union Home Test

The Cooper Union School of Art home test:

The School of Art home test consists of a number of visual projects to be completed in approximately 3-4 weeks and returned to The Cooper Union for review. The home test contains its own instructions to be followed explicitly, including portfolio submission. The home test is sent to all School of Art applicants via email on the same day after the online application deadline (mid/late December for Early Decision; late January for Regular Decision). There is a different home test for Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants, and the projects change each year.


Examples of past Cooper Union Home Test submissions by Ashcan Student Nahmee:



2- An averted self portrait with emphasis on the ear, 2011 Home Test



Cooper Union Home test visual project instructions from past years:

Cooper Union Hometest questions 2013:

1.A composition of object seen and defined from the point of view of another object.

2. A blacklisted self-portrait

3. A panoramic view of your closet.

4. A sequence or series of 5 or more images that illustrates an object at varying weights.

5. Desire.


Cooper Union Hometest questions 2011:
1- Three pieces of furniture and design a new one from the combination of all three.

2- An averted self portrait with emphasis on the ear.

3- A view up a steep incline.

4- A sequence or series of images that depicts observed changes in water over an extended period of time.


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