Summer Pre College Program

If you sign up now for our Pre-College Summer Program you’ll get 10% off!

Visual Arts classes- Basic to Advanced
Monday through Saturday 10-2 & 3-7



Ashcan provides simple level test for the students who are registering for the first time. Current students, who already finished the basic course in ashcan, moves on to the advanced course automatically.

This course is designed for art beginners, majorly focused on the basic foundation of the art such as shapes, tone, color and etc. Throughout the curriculum students will get familiarized with the art terms and techniques, while training for creative thinking and ways to express that ideas at the same time. These process will prepare the students to move on to the advanced course.

+ADVANCED COURSE (Art Contests and Portfolio Preparation)
Students with basic art foundations are placed in this course. Classes are conducted based on one-on-one format, where the student gets personal attention from the teacher to build the individual projects, focused on personal interests and creative thinking. Teacher will guide the student during the whole process from discussing the idea to production of the art work.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
The Korea Times, Art Competition
School recommended art competitions and local art contests



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