Artists & Designers of the Future

Most students start at Ashcan Studio scared that they’ll never be good enough to get in to the school of their dreams- like SVA, or Pratt Institute or Parsons. But after a while they begin to develop their skills, develop their personal style, or voice or vision, and by the time they apply they are confident that they’ve done their best, and that they are applying with the strongest work that they personally can make. They know this because they’ve devoted the time and energy needed to do it. What a great head start on going to art school. And admissions can see it, all the hard work and dedication.

After all the worry, Ashcan students took the first step, signed up for classes, applied, got into art school, graduated and have gone on to win awards, and become successful Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Interior Designers, Architects, Animators, Fine Artists, Art Therapists, Exhibition Designers, Landscape Architects.. and successes in other creative fields.

You may not believe it now, but at Ashcan You Can too.

6- Tsunami- jpg copy



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