You’ll never guess what Pratts #1 most important tip for your Art Portfolio is…

When Pratt Admissions comes to Ashcan to talk about life at Pratt, and to give student Portfolio Reviews we hear them tell students- it’s most important that you’re HAVING FUN! 

Nothing shines through like loving what you do.

So while there are certain things you need for a complete portfolio like still lifes, portraits , self portraits… you can make them much more appealing to Pratt admissions if it looks like you enjoyed making it!

Like this former Ashcan student, now Pratt Institute graduate, did with her self portrait below.

The thoughtfulness, the attention to detail, the originality, all mean that she had a lot of fun thinking of and making photograph/ performance titled “You are what you Eat” where she appears to be dining on the pieces of a snake.

The self portrait above is also hers, and also very playful and fun.

13a. what we eat

Pratt Undergraduate Degrees


  • The visual portfolio should consist of 12-20 pieces of your best work.
  • It should consist of a variety of media and approaches, and can include any type of work including paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, etc.
  • Students must submit three to five observational drawings, such as a landscape, still-life, self-portrait, figure drawings, and/or interior spaces.
Portfolios must be submitted at 

You don’t have to do it alone: were here to support you through the entire application process register here for portfolio prep classes:  Ashcan Registration

or contact us at or 212-967-8101

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