The Right and Wrong way to make a Self Portrait

There are Right ways and Wrong ways to make a Self Portrait for your art portfolio.

Self Portraits are important to include in your art portfolio for BFA programs, and most applicants do, so Admissions sees A LOT of them.

ashcan student self portrait

Even if you’re a skillful artist, it’s still very important to think of ways to make YOURS stand out in a way that goes above your ability to draw representationally.

Wrong Way: Playing it safe

Right Way: Use your imagination to express what is uniquely you. Be inventive and innovative and transform a mediocre idea into a great idea.

ashcan student self portrait

Your self portrait can be made with unique mediums, collage, clothing, symbolism, narrative, or exaggeration. Think of ways to express who you are in innovative ways.

A great way to capture the attention of admissions advisors is to make a three dimensional self portrait, an installation, a film/animation, interactive work, performance art or language art.

ashcan student self portrait

Your Self Portrait can be representational or conceptual and the materials and the amount of space that they occupy are limitless.

ashcan student self portrait

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