Don’t wait to sign up for the BEST Pre-College Portfolio Prep Program in NYC

Ashcan Studio’s Summer Precollege Program provides middle school, high school and college students with an intensive Visual Arts learning experience.

Together, faculty and students prepare for the art school admissions process and the creative development of an outstanding portfolio.

Sign up now for NYC’s BEST Pre- College Portfolio Prep Program


Our institution takes pride in being a welcoming, diverse and supportive environment for the fostering of unique and creative talent.



Portfolio Preparation

The portfolio is THE MOST critical component to a College or Graduate School application. Developing a unique and coherent body of work is of paramount importance and essential to the pursuit of higher studies.

Fine Arts & Design Program

The intensive VA course stimulates creative and critical thinking through the practice of experimentation in the studio. Process, open- dialogue, and familiarization with materials are all promoted and focused upon.

Young Artist Program

The program was developed to catapult and stimulate creativity through teaching young artists the historical and contemporary art techniques of sculpture, painting, drawing, and more. We encourage artistic expression and experimentation in order to develop skills, confidence, and openness to new creative ideas and cultures.

ASHCAN STUDIO 45 East 34th Street, NYC

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