Do you think this work would have been as successful if it were only one medium? ⁠

Bored in Class? ⁠Sometimes all artists want to do is draw….

Some of the reasons this work makes a great Art Portfolio piece⁠:

  1. It’s mixed media- this student used charcoal and then collaged torn pieces of paper for the skin tone – then added a bit more color with pastel to the background. ⁠
  2. It’s moody- when you look at this drawing/collage you can feel the boredom, so it becomes relatable.⁠
  3. The perspective – The perspective on this piece is great- there is a definite foreground- middleground and background here, and we can also see different facial profile perspectives. ⁠
  4. The contrast- the strategic use of heavy blacks leads our eye through the composition.⁠

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