Something you can do from home that will make your Art Portfolio way better!

One thing you can do from home is draw in your sketchbook.
You can document the ideas that you have throughout the day, and draw things around your home that you may not have really noticed before.

Draw the people you live with, their hands and feet, their features, have them do a series of short poses.

You can arrange the things in your bed room different ways and do still life sketches. You can draw the different rooms of your home.

Draw the things you see- from life – the more often you draw from life, the more quickly you will build your drawing skills. ⁠And you’ll find that working on your portfolio pieces is easier and will go more quickly, and your drawing and painting and even sculptural work will be much better.

AND – if done well, sketchbooks can be used as a portfolio piece for college admissions.⁠

If you have any questions about how you van make your portfolio better – email us at or call 212-967-8101

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