Decide to Win- and then take steps each day to improve

This crisis is hitting each of us differently. Some feel little about it, some are deeply affected, and most of us are somewhere in between. We all tend to suffer most when we feel a combination of stress and shock. The stress is an ongoing pervasive feeling like how can I be a better artist? How will I get into school? Will my portfolio be good enough?  And then this current crisis is a shock: a sudden complete change in reality. The shock can be a little less of a blow, if you can take steps to channel your stress into your art.

Decide to Win

Consider pivoting the way you make art. Maybe you used to be in an art class, where everyone was together offering feedback, and working alongside you with the same goals. And maybe you had an art teacher right there to guide you through the art making process. In the near future you will return to making art in the ways that are more comfortable for you, but now you have to adjust, to fit the current time we’re in.

No one knows what the new long term reality will be after we are through this, but most likely it will go back to being a lot like what it once was. You want to come rocketing out of this with more skill, and more artwork. Instead of using this time to take a break, or to think about how things could or should be different, use the extra time at home to express how you feel creatively through your art, and invest in your future as an artist or designer.  

Decide to win, shift your mindset from negative to positive by promising yourself that you will be better off after this. And then take steps each day to improve. 

How Things Have Changed at Ashcan Studio 

Ashcan is now offering our classes online. While it’s not the same as being physically part of the Ashcan community, we continue to be a fun and inspiring community online, and joining these classes is a great way to keep growing your art skills.

We also have a wealth of information, advice and tips on making outstanding art work for yourself, and for your Art Portfolio and Art Competitions such as the Scholastic Art Awards, on our YouTube channel, and Instagram feed. 

contact us to find out more: 212-967-8101 or

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