Do you do these 3 things to build your drawing skills?

While you’re safe at home, do these three exercises in your sketchbook and see how your drawing skills improve.

Drawing in your sketchbook at home can be therapeutic and if you do it everyday or every other day, you’ll see your drawing skills improve really quickly. ⁠And if your sketchbook is done well, you can take a video of a sketchbook flip through to include in your Art Portfolio.

Draw your outside Environment

Ashcan Studio student sketchbook drawing

Go the windows around your house or apartment and draw what’s outside in your sketchbook⁠. It’s interesting for others to see if you live in a city, the suburbs or the country.

Draw a Self Portrait with the objects in your Bedroom

Ashcan Studio student sketchbook drawing

In your sketchbook, draw a self portrait with the objects in your room around you & use your imagination. You can try different angles, perspectives, exaggerate things, and/or create a narrative. This will reveal a lot about your character, which is good, because you want to show admissions counselors how original you are. Are you neat or messy? Do you like modern things or things that are vintage or decorative/ornate? Do you collect certain things?

Draw figures in Motion

Ashcan Studio student sketchbook drawing

Ashcan Studio student sketchbook drawing

Watching Netflix or TV? In your sketchbook, draw the actions and movements of the sports players or actors, try to catch a series of poses and/or facial expressions. Choose a show, sport or event that you love and your passion will come through, and it’ll make it even more fun. You could ask a family member to help you with this as well. You can draw them as they do a series of short active poses.

The official term for this is gesture drawing. It’s drawing the action, form, and pose of a model/figure, where the artist draws a series of poses taken by a subject in a short amount of time, often as little as 10 seconds, or as long as 5 minutes⁠

Ashcan Studio student sketchbook drawing


Ashcan is now offering our classes online. While it’s not the same as being physically part of the Ashcan community, we continue to be a fun and inspiring community online, and joining these classes is a great way to keep growing your art skills.

We also have a wealth of information, advice and tips on making outstanding art work for yourself, and for your Art Portfolio and Art Competitions such as the Scholastic Art Awards, on our YouTube channel, and Instagram feed. 

CONTACT US to find out more: 212-967-8101 or

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