ACCEPTED PARSONS, FIT & RISD Fashion Design ART PORTFOLIO! with Scholarships

Hello! Tiffany’s Art Portfolio helped her get into the three top Fashion Design programs in the country- Parsons, The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) with SCHOLARSHIPS. All three are very competitive and really difficult to get into, especially with large scholarships.

Click on our new youtube video below to see some examples of her outstanding art portfolio and GET INSPIRED 🙂 to make some outstanding work for your Art Portfolio.

Please feel free to email us any questions & tell us how we can help.

This is an interactive sculptural garment Tiffany made called “I wanted to tell you… this is how I feel inside”

She made it out of cotton, spandex, mesh, a soda bottle, lightbulb and plastic. For her portfolio she documented herself unzipping the compartment of the garment, near her heart, and handing the elements she put inside to the other person who put the elements in the compartment, near their heart. This was a truly exceptional portfolio piece, and brilliant to put in a portfolio to apply to a fashion design program especially. 

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We hope you enjoyed seeing Tiffany’s Art Portfolio and found it helpful

Good luck to anyone going through the Art Portfolio Preparation process now.

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