Making & Using Books for you Art Portfolio for Art School

In Ashcan’s Art Portfolio Prep Programs, a lot of our students make artist books or use books to make art for their art portfolio 

Artists’ books are works of art that use the form of the book, where the book is intended as a work of art in itself..

 In these examples the students challenged the idea, content and structure of the traditional book, using different materials with techniques, they are a fun way to express your ideas and they look great in your art portfolio for art school.

This book was titled one day and it shows the Ashcan student as a sunflower, at moments throughout the day doing and feeling different things, along with the date and the time of day

This type of book is called an accordion book because of the way that it folds out, so that you can flip through the pages as well as pull it open so that it becomes one long image.  This accordion book was put together using a series of abstract ink paintings 

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