GRAPHIC DESIGN Art Portfolios – Examples from 3 Outstanding Ashcan student portfolios

If you’re applying to a high ranked Graphic Design program, such as the ones offered at Pratt, RISD, SVA, MICA, Carnegie Mellon and Parsons you’ll need a very good Art Portfolio to get in.

These three students applied and were accepted into many of the top Graphic Design programs with scholarships.

The main goal of the Art Portfolio you’ll use to apply to a graphic design program, is to communicate with admissions the kind of person you are, your creative thought process, your design sensibility, your knowledge and your perspective as a designer.

Ashcan student Jeewoon chose to take Ashcan’s graphic design classes so her portfolio included a lot of Design work along with Fine Art work. You don’t have to add actual Graphic Design work to your portfolio, if you’re applying to Graphic Design programs, but in Ashcan’s Portfolio prep programs we encourage students to. This can include typography, package design, product development, motion graphics and interactive design.

Here’s an example from Ashcan Student Joho’s portfolio. He almost always used a skateboard in his work- it’s always good to have a theme, and his personal style of art making really shines through as well as his design sensibility 
Ashcan GRAPHIC DESIGN course

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