From SKETCH to REALITY! -Examples & Advice on How to Make Outstanding Artwork for your Art Portfolio

Sometimes the hardest thing about making your art portfolio is to just get started.

Your sketchbook is the best place to begin, you can work on different ideas until you’re ready to start on your final piece.

So in this video we’ve chosen some student work from our Portfolio Prep Programs where you can see the sketch and then the finished portfolio piece- plus some great advice on how to get started on Your Art Portfolio!


Ashcan Student Work- from Sketch to Reality

If you’d like some extra help with your portfolio we can help you- we have over 20 different online classes to choose from, so enrolling in even one can put you way ahead of your competition to get into a competitive art school.

Contact us at- or 212-967-8101

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Good luck! And as always ask us anything in the comments below. Thank you for watching!

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