In a BFA Illustration program, you would learn to translate ideas into images in media including picture books, graphic novels, hand lettering, editorial and advertising illustrations, toy designs, animations and surface and display design.

In this video we took a few pieces from an Ashcan Studio student, Angelo’s art portfolio to inspire you as you’re making your own art portfolio. Angelo was accepted into the Illustration programs at the top art schools Pratt Institute, The School of Visual Arts and The Rhode Island School of Design.

Accepted ILLUSTRATION Art Portfolio

A career in Illustration can be as limitless as your imagination. It’s a great major for you if you’re an ambitious thinker and innovator.

Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Student Work

Illustration can be seen everywhere you look- on your phone, on your TV, at the comic convention, on the back of your t-shirt, peoples tattoos, and every different kind of shop, from the giant retailers to small boutiques. Illustrators make stories that shape the way we see the world. 

Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Student Work

At Ashcan we have a lot of Art Portfolio Prep classes that can help you make your portfolio, and with all of our classes online you can join us wherever you are.

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Good luck! And as always ask us anything in the comments below.

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