Collage for you ART PORTFOLIO- Accepted Student Work- SVA, PRATT, RISD, COOPER UNION, PARSONS, FIT

Making a Collage for your art portfolio is a really great idea, and making a collage is also really enjoyable and fun.

Hopefully seeing how they used Collage in their work will inspire you while you’re making your Art Portfolio

We usually think of a collage as glueing magazine and newspaper clippings to a background, which is called photomontage, but you can use a lot of different materials, like textured or patterned papers, your own artwork cut out- which we love to do in our portfolio prep classes-  cloth or found objects.  

You may sometimes hear collages referred to as mixed media, because collage is one way to make mixed media artwork. 

Collage is a great way to make a statement or commentary. Using texts, objects, ads and photographs from popular culture you can address an endless variety of issues. Anything from social and political to personal and global concerns, or you can create a new world. 

 To get started with a collage for your art portfolio, all you need is some source material, some adhesive, scissors and an exacto knife and a backing. 

For the backing you want to use something stronger than a thin piece of paper, –– you can use foam core, a board, such as plywood, canvas, something 3 -dimensional, or a piece of paper that’s thicker and meant for mixed media. 

For source material you can use personal photos, old books, magazines, fabric, thread, patterned or textured paper, drawings or paintings that you’ve made. It’s also great to use older magazines and books, images from google or pinterest that relate to your theme or topic, or take photos specifically for your collage. 

Before you adhere your source material to your backing, take some time to plan out your composition. Unlike other 2D mediums that rely on direct mark-making, such as painting or drawing, with collage you can arrange and rearrange the different elements of your artwork. Make sure that you lay all the elements out before committing with glue. Take advantage of the medium’s flexibility by trying out different arrangements.

If you’re not sure how to start your collage for your art portfolio, first try picking a theme or color scheme. And before you start placing elements on your backing, cut out a lot of images, way more than you could ever need, and as you begin to arrange you may see a theme emerge.

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