Why is This Good? Accepted Art Portfolio Examples & WHY they’re Good

Maybe you’ve wondered what exactly makes a good Art Portfolio piece, and what it is that makes it good.

And maybe you’ve wondered what Art School admissions counselors are looking for in an ideal potential students.

So in this video we put together some Ashcan Studio student artwork- examples of the excellent work top Art Schools & University Art Programs look for in an ideal potential student – and we talk about why.

A good exercise is to pause at each image and think about or write down why you think they’re good portfolio pieces.

This an excellent take on a standard self portrait. It seems simple at first, but it’s not at all. There are a lot of different things this student could be trying to say about themselves. It’s relatable and vulnerable without being obvious. It’s playful and serious at the same time. It’s also meticulously well drawn and painted and she takes up the entire page. 

What do you think makes a good portfolio piece? What do you think makes some of these good?

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