Accepted Art Portfolio Examples- Artwork for your Art Portfolio that stands for Global Issues

We can often feel unmoved by the problems of others and global issues, even when we could do something to help. We have access to so much data and this can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, not empowered and wanting to take action. But most of us have something that when the topic comes up we feel strongly about it, and as artists we are in a unique and powerful position to actually make a difference.

In this video we chose some accepted Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Student art portfolio examples, who used World Problems to inspire their work.

Without words and data which can feel like you’re being preached to, Art can make a message felt, and in feeling the viewer can think, engage, and even take action. There is a vast range of truly differing perceptions, ideas, and knowledge. By choosing a topic you feel strongly about, your art can become a transformative experience for someone else. When you’re making your art portfolio allow yourself to cherish your own intuition, uncertainty, and creativity and search constantly for new ideas and ways to break the rules. If you do your art will have the potential to make us more tolerant of difference and of one another.

This @ashcanstudio student collage is titled “Never Too Late To Change” and they wrote about it- “At first glance, this collage depicts a mountainous landscape, but upon closer inspection, one will notice trash and waste materials accumulating to camouflage as rocks and mountains. As humans continue to flock to travel sights and tourist attractions while being willfully ignorant of increasing air emissions, solid wastes, footpath erosions, and littering, our Earth will be submerged in trash and the natural beauties we take for granted will soon disappear.”⁠

What cause or world problem do you feel passionately about? How can you visually express how you feel about it? ⁠ There are so many global problems, try choosing one to make an art portfolio piece about. The more strongly you feel about it, the better it will be. ⁠

This painting, by an Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Student is titled “Tent City” and it’s acrylic on canvas – about the painting the artist wrote- “Tent City is a community of people facing homelessness in downtown Chicago. I’ve shared many intimate conversations with people facing homelessness, and they have always left a warm glow in my heart. They never fail to share with one another despite how little they have. It’s ironic how the less people have the more selfless they become. The natural love I witnessed in these communities touched me greatly. I intended to change the stereotypical belief that homeless people are dangerous and unworthy of love and hope. 

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