This poster by an Ashcan Portfolio Prep student, was made in reaction to racial profiling. The narrative that “Asians are good at math” is pervasive in the United States. On the surface, it sounds like a compliment, but this narrative is false, dehumanizing and it is racist. 

How can you visually express how you feel about it for your Art Portfolio?

Most of us have something that when the topic comes up we feel strongly about it. As artists we have the unique and important job of making art about those things. What cause or world problem do you feel passionately about? How can you visually express how you feel about it for your Art Portfolio?⁠

Art can make a message felt, and in feeling the viewer can think, engage, and even take action. There is a vast range of truly differing perceptions, ideas, and knowledge. By choosing a topic you feel strongly about, your art can become a transformative experience for someone else.

“Art is a wound turned into light.” ~ Georges Braque

This is large scale portfolio piece is titled “Confidential” by an Ashcan Portfolio Prep student where they enlarged versions of a confidential page in their neuropsychology report, and they installed it in the air for everyone to see. It’s in reaction to the stigmas against mental illness. The artist wrote: “the impaired parts of my brain make me feel hopeless and my medical papers deemed me unable. I disproved my own anxious thoughts and the report itself  by showing everyone I am able.

Art can make a message felt

This Ashcan portfolio Prep student sculpture’s titled “Voice”- is mixed media –  the sculpture actually speaks! the artist wrote “ this sculpture is mase up of the faces of some of my favorite queer activists who helped me understand myself and others better, when you hover your hand  over a face
– it triggers an audio clip from that activist” 
The process to make this sculpture took the artist 3 months!

Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.”

~ Andre Maurois, French Author

Try making piece for your Art Portfolio about a world cause that you feel personally about

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Good luck to anyone going through the Art Portfolio Preparation process now

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