Tips on how to Draw from Life for Your Art Portfolio

Admissions counselors look at a lot of art and they always know if you’ve drawn from life or from a photograph.

It’s important for them to see that you’re drawing from life because when you do, you learn how to draw paint and sculpt better and more quickly.

Observational work for your Art Portfolio can be renderings of yourself, other people either singularly or in groups, interior spaces, buildings, houses, or an entire block, furniture and objects, and still life arrangements.

Here are some examples of Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Student’s work that they drew or painted from life for their Art Portfolio & some tips for how to do it yourself for your Art Portfolio

If you’re struggling with drawing for your Art Portfolio, Ashcan Studio Basic Drawing Class is a great place to start, classes are a lot of fun, and you will build your skills as an artist very quickly. You can take classes in NYC, Flushing, Little Neck, Long Island or Online

Call for a consultation 212-967-8101 or email us

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