Accepted Architecture Art Portfolio examples!Plus the BFA ARCHITECTURE Programs you should apply to

Jerry was a student in Ashcan’s Portfolio Preparation Program, and he was accepted into many of the top art school and university BFA Architecture programs with scholarships.

Jerry had interests in varying disciplines, notably in the performing and visual arts, and always found art to be the easiest outlet to express himself and have fun at the same time.

Because his artistic interests were so contrasting, when it came to choosing an intended major, architecture seemed obvious. He’s been lucky enough to travel to over 30 countries and experience many diverse cultures, which drew him into a love for each countries architecture.

From the ornateness of the Sagrada Familia in Spain, to the timeless grandeur of Osaka Castle in Japan, it intrigued him how humans, even in the very distant past, combined principles of geometry, physics, and art to create such permanent masterpieces. 

On each journey home, he would scour every source he could find, just to find out how each building was created. He began educating himself on architectural fundamentals, and explored computer programs that architects would use, in addition to taking art lessons at Ashcan Studio of Art.

Here’s a few pieces from Jerry’s Art Portfolio & these are the schools he applied to – which also happen to be the schools we recommend to each of our students who’d like to apply to BFA Architecture Programs:

Carnegie Mellon


Washington University

Cooper Union




Notre Dame


California Polytechnic

University of Virginia

Rensselaer Polytechnic


Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments below! We would love to help you make an outstanding art portfolio 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed seeing Jerry’s Art Portfolio and found it helpful!

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