ACCEPTED ARCHITECTURE MFA PORTFOLIO!Architecture & Lighting Design Programs

Ashcan studio student Nathan was accepted into Pratt & City College’s MFA Architecture programs & Parsons Lighting Design program⁠- in the video below we’ve put together some examples from the art portfolio that Nathan’s applied with.

This piece is titled “ A gift from nature” made with Ink, music wires, ghost wood & film 

About the piece he wrote: “I have incorporated the concept of the butterfly effect into a structure. I dropped ink in between two films and saw how the ink naturally formed into an interesting shape. Then I cut along the shapes and created a gap in between.

The organic shape of ghost wood branches was shaped like traditional calligraphy, connecting four levels in different heights.

“Stay in and Get Out” is an installation made with Balsa wood, foam board, wires and it was created to show his  desire to have a home and the contradictions he sees in his life.

He wrote “I can not be who I am as gay in China and I can not freely work or stay. Above the triangle shape is a playground with water splashes representing my life in China. Underneath is a structure inspired by the image of gun shoot- ing under the water.”

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Hope you guys enjoyed seeing Nathans’s Art Portfolio and found it helpful!

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