Art made from the Heart

From Future Fine Artists to Future Fashion Designers to Future Architects & Illustrators- These Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Students made artwork for their Art Portfolios that encapsulate the power of love

“Hearts”- an Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student created this 3-D installation for her Art Portfolio by making a mold of a heart and casting dozens of hearts out of wax, then photographed them, some whole, some melted, some lit for a very powerful Art Portfolio piece.

‘Bloom in the Heart’- Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student mixed media sculpture for her Art Portfolio ⁠

In Ashcans College Portfolio Prep. Sculpture program you’ll develop a unique body of work & learn how to develop your ideas in three-dimensional media⁠

‘Heart Dress’ by Ashcan Art Fashion Design student – show your interest in your intended major- by making garments for your Art Portfolio ⁠

Ashcan Fashion Design Portfolio Prep students draft and construct their own garment projects using traditional or contemporary materials, based on your concept illustrations.

“Heart, Island, Moon “- Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student mixed media sculpture for their Architecture Art Portfolio

Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student Work

In Ashcan’s College Portfolio Prep. – Architecture program – You’ll focus on Architectural projects to understand the three-dimensional structure and space while sharpening your sense of perspective and spatial perception. 

RISD Home Test- a heart that can be reconstructed in to a sneaker

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Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student Work

Ashcan Design Courses include Graphic Design , Architecture, Fashion Illustration and Fashion Design

Art Colleges look for distinct qualities and passion from students who are applying for visual design majors. Taking Ashcan’s Design Portfolio Courses will help you build a strong, cohesive major-specific portfolio that meets each school’s criteria. Instructors will guide the students from concept building to final design for different majors.  Develop an idea, transition into the final piece (concept to final piece).

Branding Design, typography, Interactive Design, App Design, Fashion Design, Architecture Design, developing art style, explore different materials and topics, cohesive theme.

Heart”- Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student mixed media sculpture for her Art Portfolio

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Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Student Work

Ashcan’s Fine Art Portfolio Prep courses include- Drawing & Painting , Figure Drawing, Sculpture and Illustration

Your portfolio of artwork is evidence of your artistic skills and concepts. A good portfolio is an indication to schools that you are a creative and talented student who will work hard and be successful. Under the guidance of Ashcan Art’s instructors, you will participate in studio work, producing cohesive series of artworks using conventional and unconventional material in innovative ways.

Variety of subject matter, tailored to your skills and interests: figure drawings, still-lives, self-portraits, landscapes, narrative, drawings, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, printmaking and more.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation or to ask us any questions.

You can sign up for Ashcan Art Portfolio Prep Classes!- Manhattan, Queens, Long Island or Online- ⁠
Intensive, Fine Art, Art Competition & Portfolio, Design, Digital Art & Private Lessons⁠!

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