Art Portfolios can all start to look the same to admissions counselors after a while, they see a lot of rectangular white paper and canvas….. a lot of the same common ideas and common materials. 

At Ashcan we have a few different really effective ways to help your Art Portfolio stand out. 


One way you can stand out is to make a short animation. Your animation can be anywhere from a few second animated gif to around 4- 5 minutes long. It can be hand drawn animation, rotoscope- where you create animated sequences by tracing over live-action footage frame by frame, or stop motion animation. Adding an animated film to your art portfolio is a great way to catch the attention of Admissions counselors.

Ashcan Portfolio Prep Student Animation

One reason is that they’re fun to watch, but they’re also difficult and time consuming to make, showing them that you’re dedicated to making art. These are segments of a few  Ashcan student animations that they put in their Art Portfolios. Some were applying to Animation programs, and others were applying to Fine Art or Design programs. 

Ashcan Portfolio Prep Student Animation


Another way to stand out among thousands of other applicants, is to make Wearable Art for your Art Portfolio. Wearable art is an accessory or clothing designed to make an artistic statement. It’s a blend of visual arts and fashion, usually produced only once. 

You can make wearable art using fabrics or other materials, including paper or other sculptural materials. If you make a unique garment and accessory for your Art Portfolio you can photograph them on yourself, a model or a dress form. 


You can also make an Artists’ Books for your Art Portfolio to stand out. Artists Books are works of art that use the form of the book, where the book is intended as a work of art in itself..In these Artists Book examples Ashcan Art student students challenged the idea, content and structure of the traditional book, using different materials and techniques, they are a fun way to express your ideas and they look great in your art portfolio for art school. 

Art Artist Book can be any size you’d like to make it, extra large or extra tiny. You can also make a pop up book, collage materials, or use an existing book as material to make a sculptural work of art for your portfolio. There are also several different bookbinding methods you can use.

If you use one or all of these methods for standing out when you’re making your Art Portfolio it will demonstrate to Admissions that you’re able to go beyond basic technical art skills. That you’re original and inspired to try new things and push yourself. And you can make art that’s different from what other people are creating. 

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