Top 5 Tips to make a Great Self-Portrait for your High School Art Portfolio

Top 5 Tips to make a Great Self-Portrait for your High School Art Portfolio

There are several Specialized art and design high schools in New York City,Each of these schools require you to submit portfolios of you artwork. The first on the list of Art Portfolio requirements is: A self-portrait using a graphite drawing pencil and paper done from observation (from observation means you draw yourself by looking in a mirror).


FASHION DESIGN MONDAYS 10-2 & 3-7  Fashion Design In the Fashion Design course students learn the professional techniques used in the construction of garments. Pattern making, sewing, cutting, construction, and finishing techniques are used to create garments in cotton or cotton-type fabrics. Areas of concentration are the garments fit, balance, style, creativity and proportion.   [...]


PRE-COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAM – SCULPTURE WEDNESDAYS 10-2 & 3-7 REGISTER TODAY Sculpture Sculptural techniques are taught in three broad categories; clay modeling, mold making and casting, and assemblage. Students learn how to develop their ideas in three- dimensional media, and may at times create works that combine two and three-dimensional media. The curriculum culminates in [...]


Graphic Design MONDAYS 10-2 & 3-7  TUESDAYS 10-2 & 3-7 WEDNESDAYS 10-2 & 3-7  REGISTER TODAY Starts June 26th This class will provide an overview of the design communication process including conceptualization, creative processes, typography, and technology. Students will gain skills in digital Illustration, Photoshop, page layout, image-scanning and image manipulation. Graphic design elements of typography, [...]

Is your portfolio good enough to apply to the top art programs?

PORTFOLIO PREP INTENSIVE Monday through Saturday, every day 10-2 & 3-7 2 weeks- 12 weeks  REGISTER TODAY  The Summer Intensive Program is the sure road to take to stand out to college recruiters. If you're ready for a dedicated daily art practice that will allow you to give your portfolio the time & attention necessary [...]


Fashion Illustration TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS & SATURDAYS  10-2 & 3-7 REGISTER TODAY The Fashion Illustration course begins with instruction on how to draw the standard fashion figure, which will be used as a base for a series fashion sketches and illustrations. As students develop their drawing skills, they investigate historical and contemporary fashion and use it [...]


Drawing Classes each day Monday through Saturday 10-2 & 3-7 REGISTER TODAY  Drawing Students begin this class by practicing fundamental rendering techniques, then move on to developing strategies to combine diverse media, modes of representation and elements of design to express individual content. Research and invention are encouraged. The curriculum culminates in the completion of [...]

Pre-College Summer Program – ILLUSTRATION

ILLUSTRATION CLASSES    Tuesdays- 10-2 & 3-7 & Thursdays- 10-2 & 3-7 & Saturdays- 10-2 & 3-7 The illustration curriculum extends the student's knowledge in fine arts media to create solutions in illustration. This includes developing and utilizing narrative devices and pictorial symbolism. Emphasis is placed on dry media and fast-drying media, such as ink, [...]