Ashcan students ACCEPTED to SVA for this Fall: GO TO ACCEPTED STUDENTS DAY!!

Ashcan students ACCEPTED to SVA for this Fall: GO TO ACCEPTED STUDENTS DAY!!

ACCEPTED STUDENTS DAY is this Saturday April 7th! A full day of programming designed for you to experience the vibrancy of SVA’s community Meet students, faculty, and alumni, tour their state-of-the-art facilities Consult with representatives from Admissions, Residence Life, Financial Aid, Student Health and Counseling Services   MAJORS: Cartooning; Illustration; Film; Photography and [...]



 SVA is.... -a leader in the education of artists and designers -a school full of a faculty who are leading professionals - a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility - one of the most influential artistic communities in the world - the greatest  Students from each of SVA's 11 undergraduate programs share their experiences. BFA [...]

How to Apply to SVA

Undergraduate Application: SVA UNDERGRADUATE APPLICATION  $50 Application Fee Statement of Intent: In approximately 500 words, discuss your reasons for pursuing undergraduate study in the visual arts. Feel free to include any information about yourself, as well as your goals and interests that may not be immediately apparent from the review of your transcripts or portfolio. [...]

Ashcan Art’s Pre-College Summer Program 2016

Your portfolio is THE MOST critical component to a College application Discover your Unique Creative Vision & start/complete an Outstanding Portfolio this Summer Ashcan Art's Pre-College Summer Program 2016 REGISTER TODAY Drawing for BFA admissions - DRAWING CLASS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-3 & 4-8 Sculpture for BFA admissions - SCULPTURE CLASS Wednesdays & [...]

Black Holes, Carrots and Bunnies in polka dot Underwear

Junghwa Park is an Ashcan graduate who is hard not to notice. She is a prolific artist who continually reveals an ever-changing array of new illustrations, fine art work and adorable products. When she was a student at Ashcan I would look forward to seeing her new ideas, and I still do now. Her characters [...]

SVA BFA Programs

Advertising Animation Art History Cartooning Computer Art, Computer Animation & Visual Effects Design Film & Video Fine Arts Honors Program Humanities & Sciences Illustration Interior Design Photography Visual & Critical Studies   SVA STUDENT WORK by Joshua Kim  SVA STUDENT WORK by Natalie Auoub  SVA STUDENT WORK by Soomin Kim

SVA BFA Admissions Requirements

Please review the application requirements. Requirements vary for freshmen, transfer and international students. Please see chart. Item # Freshmen Applicants Transfer Applicants International Freshmen International Transfer 1 Required Required Required Required 2 Required Required Required Required 3 Required Required Required Required 4 Required Required Required Required 5 Required see Item Required see Item 6 n/a [...]