Go from- “I need help with my portfolio!” to- “I’m making ART that’s worthy of the TOP ART SCHOOLS!”

Go from- “I need help with my portfolio!” to- “I’m making ART that’s worthy of the TOP ART SCHOOLS!”

If you need help with your portfolio- we'll help you find what you're best at...and then you'll find yourself making artwork worthy of the TOP ART SCHOOLS! YOU CAN Go from- "I need help with my portfolio!" to- "I'm making ART that's worthy of the TOP ART SCHOOLS!" Local students, and students from all parts [...]

You can…..

You can…..

At Ashcan You Can prepare to Apply for the Top Fashion Design & Accessory Design Programs Fashion Illustration &  Accessory Design Classes Monday through Saturday 10-2 & 3-7 Garment Making Classes Mondays 10-2 & 3-7 REGISTER TODAY  REGISTER TODAY  a few of our favorite programs: FIT Fashion Design FIT Accessories Design Parsons School of Fashion [...]

Apply to FIT

  Ashcan Student Fashion Design Work FIT's priority application deadline for Fall 2017 is fast approaching. We encourage students to apply as soon as possible to ensure they complete their applications on time. 2017 Priority Deadlines - Fall 2017: January 1, 2017   January 1:   Submit SUNY application  February 1:   Submit application requirements to [...]

FIT Design Tests- Fashion Design & Accessories Design

FIT  Fashion Design  PART ONE: Design Test Project One: Mix-and-Match Designs Create a mood/inspiration page for the following mix-and-match designs. The mood page should include an image(s) that has inspired you to create these designs. Include a short written explanation of how the designs have been inspired by the mood page image(s). Also list the [...]

Design Tests- FIT

Ashcan FIT HOME TEST examples - Design tests are required by some art schools as part of the application process. - These schools asks students to complete a series of specific artworks at home to submit for evaluation. - FIT requires a design tests. - FIT is a very competitive school. - To gain admissions [...]

FIT BFA Toy Design

TOY DESIGN Eligibility   If you are a high school student  You may not apply directly to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program. High school students should apply to a two-year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) preferably in one of FIT’s School Art and Design programs. On completing that degree, the student will apply [...]