PRE-COLLEGE SUMMER PROGRAM – SCULPTURE WEDNESDAYS 10-2 & 3-7 REGISTER TODAY Sculpture Sculptural techniques are taught in three broad categories; clay modeling, mold making and casting, and assemblage. Students learn how to develop their ideas in three- dimensional media, and may at times create works that combine two and three-dimensional media. The curriculum culminates in [...]

Is your portfolio good enough to apply to the top art programs?

PORTFOLIO PREP INTENSIVE Monday through Saturday, every day 10-2 & 3-7 2 weeks- 12 weeks  REGISTER TODAY  The Summer Intensive Program is the sure road to take to stand out to college recruiters. If you're ready for a dedicated daily art practice that will allow you to give your portfolio the time & attention necessary [...]

Moon of the Moon

  Moon of the Moon   Shadows and echos repeat, fragments, converge, and dissipate-- past moments, selves, motion and matter they quietly resonate thoughts merge, forms fade and flicker I orbit around you. By Ashcan Sculpture Instructor Elisa Lendvay Montauk 2011 Gouache and acrylic on paper, linen, thread 21 × 10 1/2 in Three Keys [...]