NYU BFA Degrees



Studio Areas


Craft Sculpture: Ceramics, Metalsmithing, Fabric, and Glass


Design/Video Studio & Digital Imaging

Digital Fabrication Studio 

Painting and Drawing


DSC_6996 copy.jpg

ashcan student work 
Visual Arts & Design Classes
Monday through Saturday 10-2 & 3-7 


Portfolio Guidelines

Work submitted can be in any style or medium and should show a dedication to and investment in innovation and exploration. Students should select work that best shows their personal styletechnical skillsideas and creative approaches to subject matter and materials.

Online Portfolio Submission Instructions:

All components of your portfolio must be submitted through nyusteinhardt.slideroom.com.

Portfolio Submission Details
Your portfolio must include:

15-20 images of artwork completed within the last two years, done in any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, video, photography, digital art, installation, sound, etc.). Each image/video must contain the work’s title, year completed, medium and size. (ex. Amy’s Self Portrait, 2016, Ink and Charcoal on Canvas, 11X14)

Videos can be submitted in addition to, but not in place of, digital images. Videos can be a compilation of various works, but the total running time cannot exceed five minutes. Genres appropriate to video documentation include video art, performance, and kinetic art, NOT documentation of sculptures or exhibitions.

DSC_6963 copy.jpg


ashcan student work 
Visual Arts & Design Classes
Monday through Saturday 10-2 & 3-7 



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