How to make a SELF PORTRAIT that’s NOT Boring

Most students making a portfolio to apply to Art School, try really really hard to make their Self Portrait look like a photograph- but we’ve seen over and over how Art School Admissions Counselors really love the more unusual and expressive Self Portraits.

Like the drawing made by an Ashcan student below- where he drew a self portrait from a very unique perspective, doing something very unexpected. It’s fun- it’s mysterious, it’s drawn really well, the composition is great, and MOST IMPORTANTLY- it makes you curious about the artist and what his other work is like.

Ashcan student Self Portrait drew his self portrait ⁠

This Ashcan student used collage elements as well as drawing to make this Outstanding self portrait. She used a nice clear and expressive color palette, typography, and you can sense her style and edgy femininity. You can see a flip through of her whole portfolio here: on YouTube

Ashcan student Self Portrait

Or this one that moves!!

Some of the reasons this is an Outstanding Art Portfolio piece-

  1. It moves!! She make a Self Portrait gif! She kept one element the same – and changed out the just the head in a series of drawings.
  2. You get a sense of her personality- from the elements she chose to draw in place of her head, her clothing, the mood, and the idea that there’s a mask- or something being revealed to the viewer. ⁠
  3. It’s unusual – she used movement, unusual elements, narrative, mystery and to create this Self Portrait. ⁠ ⁠

You can see hundreds of outstanding Self Portraits by following us @ashcanstudio

Please comment below with any questions or advice you have too! ⁠

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