Get Inspired!! Watch these Animation Examples from ACCEPTED ART PORTFOLIOS!

We’ve put together excerpts from some of our favorite Ashcan student Animations, that they made for their Accepted Art Portfolios!

Animations are great to add to your Art Portfolio if applying to Animation programs, and any other Visuals Arts Program- including Fine Art, Illustration or Design programs.

Animated films are fun to watch, and very rewarding to make- and they’re also difficult and time consuming to make, which will show Admissions Counselors that you’re dedicated to making art.

We hope that this collection of student Animated film excerpts, inspire YOU to try to make an Animated film for your art portfolio!

Over the past 15 years, we’ve helped thousands of students make excellent Art Portfolios. And we’ve had the Top Art Schools like SVA, PRATT, Parsons, RISD, MICA, FIT, CalArts, Ringling, UAL, Art Center, NYU and others visit Ashcan Studio to review student portfolios. Because of this we’ve learned a lot about should be in your Art Portfolio. If you’re struggling with your Art Portfolio we’re here to help you make the best Art Portfolio that you can.

For more information call us at 212-967-8101 or visit and

follow us @ashcanstudio on ig for daily portfolio examples and tip

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