Digital Arts and Graphic Design High School  Programs and the Art Portfolio requirements.

Digital Arts and Graphic Design Programs:

Art and Design High School (02M630): Digital Arts, Graphic Design & Animation (M60R)

High School of Fashion Industries (02M600): GraphicDesign (M68J)

Queens Technical High School (24Q600): Graphic Arts Program (Q68B)

All of Ashcans High school students were accepted into New York City’s Digital Arts and Graphic Design High School programs, and these examples are from the Art Portfolios they used to get in.  

If you plan to apply to the New York City’s Digital Arts and Graphic Design High School programs you’ll need a competitive art portfolio. 

They are very specific about what they’d like to see in your Art Portfolio, so please follow the directions carefully, and give yourself plenty of time. 

When the admissions counselors of these High School programs look at your Art Portfolio, what they’re doing is looking for the best candidates for their program, and they are looking at your artwork to understand your unique artistic abilities and talents. They are looking for potential, that means how your present skills will grow and develop over the four years you will be spending at their school.

These High School request that you upload photographs of 4 to 6 pieces of original artwork that include- 

  1. A self-portrait using a graphite drawing pencil and paper done from observation (from observation means you draw yourself by looking in a mirror).
  1. A still life of at least 3 items, using a graphite drawing pencil and paper done from observation (from observation means you draw objects placed before you on a surface in front of you).
  1. Figure Drawing -Use a graphite drawing pencil and paper. Pose a friend or a family member and draw the figure from observation. (From observation means, you draw a live person)

◆ Draw the entire figure, filling the page: Do not cut off any parts of the body.

◆ Draw the figure with realistic proportions.

◆ Try to use value or lines to draw the folds of clothing.

◆ Include observed details and draw facial features.

◆ Place the figure in a simple setting so your figure is not “floating in space.”

Pieces 4-7: Add 1 to 4 additional pieces to your portfolio. You may select pieces that were created using any material in any form. They may be two-dimensional or three-dimensional. You may consider the following suggestions:

  • Re-design 5 characters from your favorite live action TV show or movie.
  • Create a poster design promoting an upcoming event or advertising a new product. Include imagery and text.
  • Create a book cover design of your favorite book: Include title and author.
  • Redesign a logo from one of your favorite companies.

Piece 8: If you are applying to Art and Design High School

Animation: Fantastical Sandwich

Using pencil and paper, stage an interesting scene of a character eating a sandwich in 3 phases.

Ask yourself:

Who is my character and what are they like?

What type of sandwich is the character eating?

Why and where are they eating this sandwich?

Show us your wildest ideas. Be as creative as possible while

pushing the story forward…and have fun with it!

Graphic Design: MTA Subway Poster Advertisement

A new restaurant opened in your neighborhood. You must design an NYC subway poster promoting their special sandwich…the most (fill in the blank) sandwich in NYC! 

Your design must include:

Image and brief description of the sandwich

Name of the restaurant

Name of the sandwich

Slogan for the sandwich stating why it is so special

For applicants to the High School of Fashion Industries or Queens Technical

High School, this is optional, but you are welcome to submit

The Short Video- 

The Art and Design High School asks that you select three pieces of artwork from your portfolio and create a short video where you discuss your choice of subject and materials, motivation, and influences. 

  • You’ll be asked to upload the short video about the three uploaded pieces of original artwork. 
  • Your video should be no longer than three (3) minutes. 
  • Piece 1 and Piece 2 must be included

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