FIT Portfolio Requirements

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Art and Design applicants must submit a portfolio once your SUNY application has been received and processed by FIT. Do not submit any slides or artwork until you receive a confirmation that your application has been received by FIT.

Portfolio Options:

•  ONLINE (preferred): The Online Portfolio Review option is the preferred method and the most efficient way to have your portfolio reviewed. This option is available for AAS applicants only.


•  IN PERSON: Limited in-person portfolio review dates are provided on a space available basis.


ASHCAN STUDIO STUDENT WORK for FIT Fashion Design Admissions by Kisa

AAS Portfolio Requirements

Accessories Design
Communication Design
Fashion Design
Fine Arts
Interior Design
Jewelry Design
Textile/Surface Design
Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design

                                                    _DSC1166      _DSC1172
                                                                           ASHCAN STUDIO STUDENT WORK for FIT Menswear Design Admissions by Denis 

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