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 SVA is….

-a leader in the education of artists and designers
-a school full of a faculty who are leading professionals
– a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility
– one of the most influential artistic communities in the world
– the greatest


The Portfolio plays an important role in the admission review process. Portfolios are reviewed with the goal of identifying the creative and technical skills, abilities and potential of each applicant.

A portfolio should reflect each individual’s unique art background and experiences. No portfolio will ever be compared to another when assessing admission eligibility.

Drawing samples are the most important part of the portfolio for applicants to the majors listed. Please include examples of drawing done from the direct observation of live, three-dimensional situations. These can include self-portraits (using a mirror for reference), figure drawings, object studies, still lifes and landscapes. (Two-dimensional references can be included in a portfolio, but should be kept to a minimum.)

Painting, printmaking, drawing and/or collage work that expresses the color sense of an applicant is welcome.

Three-dimensional work that explores notions of composition, light, form and/or spatial relations should be submitted in digital format (CD-R) and should include shots from multiple viewpoints.

Design projects and computer-generated images can be included but should be kept to a minimum. Applicants with computer-based interests are required to submit a portfolio that demonstrates their drawing-from-observation skills.

Sketchbooks offer important insights into the creative process of an applicant. Applicants are encouraged to include the most recent sketchbook at the time of a portfolio review.

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