You should know these things before you apply to SVA

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We’ve been sending students to The School of Visual Arts for 13 years and have seen them go on to be very successful in Visual Arts and Design.

We feel confident recommending SVA because we know that every student gets an excellent education there.

SVA is….

– a leader in the education of artists and designers

– a school full of a faculty who are leading professionals

– a catalyst for innovation and social responsibility

– one of the most influential artistic communities in the world

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SVA visits Ashcan 3-4 times a year for presentations and portfolio reviews & here’s what we’ve learned:

1. SVA is a very competitive school and getting in depends a lot on the quality of your art portfolio.

2. When an SVA admissions rep reviews your portfolio they’re looking to identify:  your creative and technical skills, your abilities and your potential.

3. SVA admissions reps want to see a portfolio that reflects your unique art background and experiences.

4. Drawing samples are the most important part of the portfolio & you must include examples of drawing done from the direct observation of live like self-portraits (using a mirror for reference), figure drawings, object studies, still lifes and landscapes.

5. They also like to see  work that expresses your sense of color.

6. And also three-dimensional work that explores notions of composition, light, form and/or spatial relations.

7. During portfolio reviews, SVA admissions rep’s really like to see most recent sketchbook because it offers important insights into your creative process.

You can find a list of SVA’s undergraduate majors here: SVA Undergraduate Majors

Transfer students applying to SVA may be interested in our joint 1+3 program 

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