*Accepted* ARCHITECTURE Art Portfolio! Cooper Union, RISD, PRATT, Cornell, USC, SYRACUSE ACCEPTED!!

Allen’s Art Portfolio helped him successfully apply to SIX of the top Architecture programs in the country- Cooper Union, RISD, PRATT, Cornell, USC and Syracuse. Click on the video below to see a few examples from the Art Portfolio that got him in to these top Architecture Programs.

We hope you enjoyed seeing Allen’s Art Portfolio and found it helpful! Good luck to anyone going through the Art Portfolio Preparation process now. Please feel free to ask any questions . We would love to help you guys make an outstanding art portfolio – infomanhattan@ashcanart.com

Ashcan Studio of Art is now available online through the Summer & Fall semesters!- so no matter where you are you can join Ashcan’s fun and inspiring community! http://ashcanstudio.com call us 212-967-8101 or email us infomanhattan@ashcanart.com

and Follow us on Instagram to see More Portfolio Examples! https://www.instagram.com/ashcanstudio/

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