FLOWERS as a subject for your Art Portfolio – Outstanding ACCEPTED Student Examples

Sometimes we can let the most basic daily things inspire us, like the seasons or the weather. It’s almost springtime and soon we’ll see flowers everywhere, And flowers can be a perfect art subject. They are complex and plentiful andAnd using them for inspiration for work for your Art Portfolio – with all of the colors and textures can make for really fascinating work.

We’ve collected some outstanding examples of when Ashcan Student students used flowers as subjects in their Art Portfolio work.

Studying and drawing or painting or sculpting the forms of flowers, will actually help to understand human anatomy better, making you a stronger more skillful artist.

One way to start it to create several sketches of the same flower from different points of view — from above, below, the sides, front or back. Also try to do a very up close sketch.  

Drawing a flower first in pencil or with an ink pen, or even just balck and white paint is also a helpful exercise and will help you to see the forms, highlights and shadows more clearly. 

It can also be helpful to create a dramatic light source

You could also set up an easel in a garden or a park.

Or go to a flower shop and hand select the types of flowers that most appeal to you, arrange them however you’d like and then, paint or draw your arrangement.

You can think of your flower subject as a unique individual with personality and gesture. 

Once you’ve studied flowers in detail, you can think about how to use them to inspire you to make an Art Portfolio piece, like these Ashcan Studio Portfolio Prep Students did here with these examples. 

Every art genre in history has used flowers as a subject, take a look at some examples. Then once you have a few good ideas, sketch them in your sketchbook and once you’ve decided on the best sketch, you can start on your portfolio piece. 

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