Interview with Helena Kim


  • Ashcan Studio of Art 2009-2014
  • LaGuardia high school 2011-2014
  • Applying to University of Bournemouth for a BFA in Illustration

1.Tell us a little bit about your portfolio for art school admissions.

My Portfolio works mostly derive from stories in which I write personally and a lot of them are symbolic of the subjects and events that I find significant in my life, such as feminism.  A lot of my artwork involves storylines that have the qualities of darkness, tragedy, and the grotesque. Some of the ideas are inspired by my favorite artists and writers such as Sylvia Plath and Frida Kahlo.


2.Why would you recommend going to Ashcan?

I highly recommend going to Ashcan, not only for the preparation of portfolio works but also for the purpose of widening ones range of art skills and meeting inspiring individuals/artists who come from different parts of the world. I can guarantee that one wouldn’t regret coming to Ashcan!

3.Can you tell us a good story that happened during your time at Ashcan?

Honestly, there have been just so many fun memories here at Ashcan that I cannot specifically pick one. From working with different art teachers and coming up with an unique art of my own to making new friends who have stood by me through the hard times, it was all a worthwhile experience, the time I’ve spent here at Ashcan. As a matter of fact, I’ve been attending Ashcan ever since I was in 7th grade middle school to now—12th grade going onto college!


4. Is there an event or experience with a student or instructor that you are especially proud of?

Coming to Ashcan I’ve always loved working with different art teachers and working on different art works each day. I never feel bored here, because I don’t have to just work on the same project constantly—because it does get tedious at times to have to work solely on one project. This helped me widen my field of ideas to have to come up with new art pieces all the time. Being at Ashcan has also pushed me to work harder and not give up, which I found, was the most challenging part of making a portfolio. I am proud of being able to build close relationships with all my teachers who were more like my close friends and mentors to me.


5.What did you learn at Ashcan that will help you succeed in the future?

At Ashcan you learn a lot of things—from skills and building relationships to coping with hard times. It is not only artistic values I’ve learned but also real life values. It has helped me prepare to go out to the real art world in the future and to feel proud as an artist who has gone through the experience of being at Ashcan.

Ashcan has also helped me realize my true interest in art and what I really want to pursue in the future—Illustration. As a child I had many different dreams but art was my inspiration throughout all the phases of my life. However I was still lost in figuring out what I really wanted to do, and finding the major that interested me the most, which at first I thought was fashion. Nevertheless coming to Ashcan allowed me to find that what I love most is Illustration.









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